Once you decided you need to engage an executive search consultant you would like to collaborate with the right one. We would like to share a few insights which will support you in making the right choice.

First of all, the consultant should be able to understand your business. He should not only say that he understands but he should prove that he does and share hard facts like: former experience, research and study. The consultant should prove that he is immersed in the market, successfully works on real assignments and could hand-over a list of positive references that confirm his/her competences and reputation. The briefing part of the assignment is essential. It is not only necessary for the consultant to fully understand the assignment but you can also draw your conclusions assessing how seriously and professionally the consultant is gathering the information about your business needs and speaks your language.

Secondly, the Consultant should show flexibility in addressing your exact needs. The recruitment process can be broken down into several stages: from research to approaching and attracting talent, interviewing and assessing, reporting, reference and background checking, negotiating and closing labour agreements. You should decide which part of the recruitment process you wish to outsource and which part you can do yourself. Without hesitation the consultant should be able to tailor his services to your specific needs.

Furthermore, clients prefer a consultant that is accountable for what he/she is doing and is treating all information fully confidential. The work of a consultant should be transparent and you should be able to verify it. Someone that is objective, neutral and able to assess candidates to identify the right talent for the job at hand.

When it comes to delivering top quality, the biggest difference between one and the other recruitment consultant is the focus and dedication to confidential and in-depth research. The chance of receiving a shortlist with potential candidates matching your job specification is dramatically increasing when the consultant approaches this part very structurally and wholesome. In addition to that the consultant should be able to explain to you how an in-depth and concise research strategy leads to finding successful candidates.

We believe that an executive search consultant should have the right background and capacity to understand your needs. He should work according to a transparent and flexible business model, be very objective and confidential and provide value for money. Only then you will be able reducing your risk of the wrong hire, which is one of the main reasons to hire an executive search consultant.