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The science of Human Resources Management (HRM) is developing quickly in New Europe as well as the role and position of HRM in organisations and companies.

Instead of a supportive and administrative role, HRM becomes an essential part of the business. HRM touches all key areas of company processes and integrates these with the functioning of people.

Apart from focusing on expert administrative areas, more and more HR Professionals companies appoint Human Capital Developers. Their job is to act as business partner for line managers. Human Capital Developers stress the development of managers and other staff for the longer term. Moreover, they should emphasize on delivering an essential contribution to the design and implementation of the business strategy.

To be able to develop more of a business partner role, HRM has invested lots of effort in getting connected to IT systems. This should provide them in the long run with more time to focus on developing staff and organisation. Additionally, HR managers are continuously assessing which process they should keep in-house and what would be better to outsource.  Apart from the HRM departments, line managers also developed their HR skills and took their own responsibility in, for instance, rolling out performance management systems for their department or business unit.

Nowadays, many organisations require HR Professionals with a commercial attitude and insight focusing on gaining results at reasonable costs. The Marketing profession can assist HRM departments in several ways. Various marketing models and techniques facilitate HR Professionals that are stagnating in a profession that is overloaded with a multitude of subjects, issues and challenges. Besides, HR people could learn from the mindset that characterizes good marketeers: the way of thinking around branding, target groups, positioning and innovation. Finally companies that take their employer branding seriously retain and recruit easier human capital.

Marketeers and HRM people should work closely together in activating internal branding and ‘living the brands’ among employees. The promises of the brands and the company to their consumers need to be realised by all the employees. Therefore the behaviour of staff should fit with the image that the company wishes to display. There should be a good relation between external brand values and internal values of the company. HRM managers recognise in this thinking the core of competency management and are therefore interested in the process.

In order to work together it is advisable to look over the borders of each other’s profession. Generally speaking, Marketeers focus entirely on the consumers of their brands, forgetting the internal communication and branding, whereas HR Professionals react only on signals from within the company. Consumers who eventually finance the payroll seem to be far away. Once both occupations are able to synchronise the external communication of Marketeers and internal focus of HR Professionals, real synergies will emerge. Simply by spending some working days in each other’s profession HR and Marketing will start to understand each other’s language and will find mutual denominators that can be used to come to more aligned business strategies. HR Professionals need to be more confronted with the ‘real world’ of sales, marketing and finance. Marketeers can profit by the expertise that HR Professionals own, regarding how to roll out internal processes effectively.

November 2009, Robert Groeneweg

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