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Attracting top managers and talents for international companies in New Europe is nowadays more of a challenge than in the past.

CEOs and HR Managers of international companies are realizing more and more that just being an international company and paying a competitive salary is not enough anymore. Job candidates are becoming more demanding, better educated and informed and ask accurate questions before they accept a job.

For example, a good marketer nowadays knows the difference in work content between working in a small representative office of an international company or in a big local company with local production facilities. Candidates know that it could be much more challenging to be a marketing manager of brands that are locally produced in their company. The experience of being completely responsible from idea generation to actually witnessing the physical product coming of the production line and having to manage this whole process, is currently perceived as more valuable than being responsible for ‘translating’ a corporate message without any personal involvement in the brand plan within an international company. Therefore, international companies have to find the right balance in responsibility that they delegate, to the local talents in order to motivate them and fuel their energy.

A completely different challenge that some international companies face is the little knowledge of local talents about complete new business activities that are still underdeveloped in this region. Looking at, for instance, waste management or property management, these professions are still not really professionally organized and it is difficult for new entrants in the markets to find qualified managers who are interested in a segment that is unknown to them. A smart investment in PR and marketing to put these ‘new’ professions on the map would be advisable.

Another obstacle that companies might face is the little interest of talents to relocate within their own country, which has several causes: the tight social and family network, the life standard in regional cities that are lower than the capital, the fear of cultural differences within the country and therefore fear of not being accepted and the sheer fact that people in this region a less used to travel than people in Western Europe.

Multinational employers like breweries and cement companies with production facilities in the
countryside are struggling to employ talents in their facilities.
They usually instruct executive search consultants with strong sales and marketing
capabilities to assist them in convincing talents that there are excellent career
opportunities outside the capital, which will bring them great benefits
and will build their market profile.

September 2009, Robert Groeneweg

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